Katana Saya Gyuto Knife 20 cm Olive



  • Katana Saya Knives
  • VG-10 Core Steel with Damascus Cladding, HRC 60+
  • ‘Eastern Range’ with Wooden Saya
  • Olive Wood Handles
  • Made in China


Much like the traditional Chef’s Knife, the Gyoto knife is perfect for most tasks in the kitchen. The pointed tip helps with delicate filleting of meat and fish. The Gyuto knife is the perfect all-purpose knife in Japanese cooking. This knife is 20cm in length making it a medium to large blade. The Eastern olive wood range comes gift boxed with awooden ‘Saya’ that offers the perfect protection for your knife, protecting yourself and others from its supremely sharp edge. The blade has a 67 layers of VG-10 Damascus steel, the highest quality steel with a high carbon content that gives it exceptional toughness. The exquisite craftmanship in these knives can be seen in the elegant layered damascus pattern on the blade. The blade is finished with an olive wood handle which strikes a balance between opulence and hard wearing-durability.

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